Secret Santa 2013

Postingan untuk setor laporan pengiriman kado event secret santa dari @BBI_2011 dan riddlenya.

(Credit to: Peni Astiti)

Intermezo, riddle santa gue agak susah kalo ndak kenal orangnya. Tapi untungnya ada bantuan bisik-bisik tetangga :p Jadi bisa memecahkan sampe riddle terakhir. Ada 7 kertas riddle *pengsan*

Ini dia..

20131213_102959(ini bukunya, Jacatra Secret)


(ini ucapan di kartunya :D)


(Pesan dari Santa tentang cluenya)


(Tadaaa! Kumpulan riddlenya, hahaha. Telerrr)

Riddle 1: Two popular series. One author. She writes about changelings and people with abilities, angels and vampires and hunters. Both set on US’s two major cities. Infact, I just reviewed two of her works recently. Who is she?

Riddle 2:A place where they hold what they call ‘match’ between two clubs. It’s in a European city, where the queen reigns still. They have a canon and a three-letter color as their crest. What is this place?

Riddle 3:So much to tell you, and most at all goodbyes.
I know that you can’t hear me anymore, not anymore– S.G

Riddle 4:I’m not one of those who can easily hides –E.G

Riddle 5:Lick it, twist it, dunk it. Whatever the way you want to eat it. Many flavors? But my favorite flavors is their double stuff.

Riddle 6:He’s fictional, but this Irish-billionaire is my favorite. Although he’s a former criminal, now he’s married to a NYPSD cop. He has black hair, blue eyes, and a sexy accent. A perfect trifecta, that I put his name next to mine.

Riddle 7:I have a pet. He’s a persian blue. Cute, with almost-blue fur. Remember, the animal’s name is in Indonesian.


(Ada pembatas buku yang lucu-lucu juga)


(Seluruh isi kadonya. Ada pulpen cantik juga. Trims, Santa. I think, I know who you are) 😀 hehe.


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